Our expertise in the field of calculations, drawings and advice


Small details, major significance – Van Berlo Engineering specialises in advising on and the technical design of industrial concrete floors. As a result of the close collaboration between Van Berlo Industrial Floors and Van Berlo Engineering, good coordination and constructive consultation between the various parties is already in place at the start of the concept phase. This enables Van Berlo to design and realise industrial floors with added value.

  • Design of monolithic floors on steel, on piles, without joints, with traditional or steel fibre reinforcement, liquid-proof, smooth or super-smooth
  • Liquid-proof floors for aggressive environments
  • Floors for the food industry
  • Super-smooth floors in high-bay warehouses with narrow aisles
  • Floors with no or very few expansion joints
  • Design of hi-tech concrete solutions, such as low-shrinkage floors
  • Design of wear-resistant floors
  • Monitoring of execution standards
  • Advice on repairing damaged floors

Van Berlo Engineering is capable of conducting most types of concrete testing – for example, testing the compressive strength and flexural strength of concrete cubes, cylinders or beams, as well as conducting wear resistance and smoothness studies.