SMALL DETAILS CAN BE OF GREAT IMPORTANCE… Van Berlo Engineering B.V. is specialised in consulting and engineering design of industrial concrete floors. Thanks to close cooperation between Van Berlo Bedrijfsvloeren B.V. and Engineering there is good coordination during the conceptual and constructive dialogue between the concerned parties. This enables Van Berlo to design and implement value-added industrial floors. Specialisms:

  • Design of monolithic floors are on poles, without joints, steel fibers or traditionally reinforced, impermeable, super-flat or flat
  • Impermeable floors for aggressive environments
  • Flooring for the food industry
  • Super-flat floors in warehouses with narrow aisles
  • Floors without, or with few dilatation joints
  • Design of concrete technological solutions, such as low-shrinkage floors
  • Design of wear resistant flooring
  • Monitoring the quality of implementation
  • Advice on repair of damaged floors