Monolithic  floors are the foundation of all floors produced by Van Berlo. Due to the high quality and durability, the application is highly versatile. Van Berlo Bedrijfsvloeren B.V. provides tailored solutions for all specific applications such as warehouses, distribution centers, workshops, shops, garages, multistorey car parks, patio flooring, etc.

Yearly, Van Berlo realises over one million square meter industrial floors. Not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium and Germany. Due to our experience and specialization in monolithic concrete floors, especially  leading companies in logistics like to be advised by Van Berlo. The feedback from practice  is an important motivation to optimize our floors and our advice even further.

From an industrial floor, you may expect that it is solid, even, durable and low in maintenance. Our industrial floors  meet the most critical requirements, especially those of the end user. Small details can be of great importance to your business.