Product information

Docks and Loading Pits


Van Berlo Modular Foundations specialises in the manufacture of dock constructions and loading pits in the broadest sense. We take care of the entire process, from initial engineering to final execution.

About Modular foundations

Van Berlo Modular Foundations has developed a foundation solution specifically for distribution centres and warehouses, where high-specification loading and unloading pits are crucial to the seamless synchronisation of internal and external transport.

The construction method of Van Berlo Modular Foundations means that a logistics company will quickly have suitable and durable premises at its disposal. This is because all components used in the building process are prefabricated and installed on site, enabling a shorter construction time. In addition, as construction is not dependent on the weather, there are never any hold-ups or impediments. Both the client and the contractor benefit from this efficient approach.