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Solid hollow walls


Build quickly, economically and without dependence on the weather with Van Berlo Modular Foundations.

About Modular foundations

As experts in distribution centre foundations, we have developed the solid hollow wall system for use in buildings with an elevated floor level. This system consists of a prefabricated solid retaining wall with an integrated foundation beam. Both the foundation and the retaining baseboard are realised in one action. The elements are prefabricated and assembled on site in order to safeguard quality and build quickly.
Van Berlo offers comprehensive solutions from engineering to execution and delivery.

The construction is custom-designed for each project. Depending on the column load and façade construction, the SH walls are custom-delivered and assembled. By delivering prefabricated elements, Van Berlo can monitor quality and ensure that construction is far less dependent on the weather.  Consulting all parties involved at an early stage allows us to conceive an optimum design. We can take care of everything on your behalf throughout the entire process, from empty site to anchor bolt.