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Small details, major significance – Van Berlo Engineering specialises in advising on and the technical design of industrial concrete floors.

About Engineering

Van Berlo Engineering

Van Berlo Engineering specialises in advising on and the technical design of foundations and concrete industrial floors. Our experienced engineers will make sure that your industrial floor has a suitable substructure for intensive daily use. As a result of the close collaboration between Van Berlo Industrial Floors and Van Berlo Engineering, good coordination and constructive consultation takes place between all parties involved at the start of the concept phase. This means that the concrete substructure of your floor is always designed and executed with added value.

Our floors

We are experts in designing:

  • Monolithic floors on steel, on piles, without joints, traditionally reinforced (possibly in combination with steel fibre), liquid-proof, smooth or super-smooth
  • Liquid-proof floors for aggressive environments /li>
  • Floors for the food industry
  • Super-smooth floors in high-bay warehouses with narrow aisles
  • Floors with no or very few expansion joints
  • Hi-tech concrete solutions, such as low-shrinkage floors
  • Wear-resistant floors
  • Foundations based on the Mini Vibro Pile. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and years of practical experience, you can rest assured that the number of piles, the pile distance and the pile length have been exactly tailored to the floor load and subsurface characteristics.

We naturally monitor the execution standards during the construction process. We also advise on the repair of damaged floors.

Working together, from design to execution

Your industrial floor is always underpinned by a Van Berlo Engineering foundation design. This is tested with respect to the compressive strength and flexural strength of concrete cubes, cylinders and beams, among other things. Wear resistance and smoothness is also examined. The floor is then built using the fast and reliable Van Berlo foundation system. Combining our disciplines in this way provides you with high-quality and, especially, cost-effective foundations.