Product information

VB Zetta® Jointless Hybrid Floor


With its combination of conventional top reinforcement and steel fibre, the VB Zetta® Jointless Hybrid Floor is suitable for widely diverse applications in a range of different warehouse types. This is a functional and durable solution that requires very little maintenance. Van Berlo offers comprehensive solutions from engineering to execution and delivery.

About Industrial floors

Rack warehouses, expedition, bulk storage, production, workshops.

The VB Zetta® Jointless Hybrid Floor is designed for maximum functionality and minimal maintenance. Jointless floors inherently suffer from crazing and shrinkage cracks. However, these imperfections are acceptable, as they do not adversely affect a floor’s functionality. The best results are obtained when Van Berlo’s installation instructions are followed.

Due to the use of sufficient reinforcement and the lack of joints, this floor needs only minimal maintenance. Repairs of imperfections are only necessary if these hinder normal use of the floor, and are part of its normal maintenance.

  • technical specifications
    Van Berlo Engineering
    Flatness according to:
    NEN2743 (3), WTCB (1), DIN18.202 (4)
    Conventional reinforcement in combination with steel fiber
    Compliant with schedule of requirements
    NEN2743, WTCB TV122
    The floor structure is calculated on the basis of future loads in combination with the local subsurface and other user requirements.
  • guarantee

    According to Van Berlo’s general guarantee conditions.

  • optional
    Mini Vibro Piles:
    The concrete floor is built on Mini Vibro Piles. This economical and fast pile system is ideally suited for the foundations of industrial floors on softer substrates.
    Underfloor heating:
    The concrete floor is provided with underfloor heating pipes.
    FEM 9831
    Flatness report:
    Measuring the concrete floor according to the standard used
    Surface sealing:
    Concrete sealing for a dust-free and maintenance-friendly floor, with increased wear resistance.
    The concrete floor is made liquid-proof against motor fuels, mineral oils and engine lubricants. All joints, such as saw cuts and connections, are provided with liquid-proof finishes.
    Insured guarantee:
    Various types of guarantees can be provided, including an optional 10-year guarantee provided by an external insurer.
    Maintenance contract:
    Van Berlo carries out inspections, draws up reports, and makes recommendations. Maintenance work can then be carried out on a preventive basis.