Vacancy overview

Working at Van Berlo


It’s just a floor, made of concrete.
You are probably wondering what is so special.

Give us a chance and you are bound to be captivated!
Customers are constantly pursuing efficiency improvements, with increasing warehouse automation, knowing that lean workspaces provide inspiration for greater accuracy.

Customers want floors as smooth as a snooker table, loading dock constructions and foundation piles up to 25 metres deep.
Floors that are incredibly level and capable of withstanding the specified loads.

This is the high-performance sport of our organisation, and 150 colleagues are occupied with this in the Benelux and also increasingly in Germany.
They are down to earth, driven, early to rise and extremely proud of their work.

Innovative with a broad range of technical functions.
We want to teach you these functions, provided you are willing to work, to cooperate, to develop and to be proud of your achievements!

You are welcome to contact Van Berlo and send an open application or to apply for one of our advertised vacancies.

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